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Gesideas is an excellent web application that you can use to collect ideas from your employees about any aspect of your company. By considering different opinions, you can find innovative solutions and also boost your employees' productivity.

Gesideas is very easy to use. To contribute an idea, the employees just register on the website and activate their profiles; after that, they can give opinions on specific and broader issues. You will receive their ideas as messages and can respond if you like. In this way, you can identify and understand opportunities for improvement.

This kind of feedback improves efficiency and participation, which significantly improves not only the work environment but also the creation and development of projects. You never know when someone will have a great idea, especially if your company has many different divisions, so it's a good idea to ask for this kind of feedback.

What's more, employees can regularly assess the management, giving honest feedback that will help you understand changes made and where to focus next.
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